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University Search & Careers Advice

Entry to the UK’s leading universities and colleges is hugely competitive. At Gabbitas Education we are highly experienced in guiding students through the maze of choices and decisions at all levels including UCAS, masters and doctoral degrees.

Our team of consultants can help narrow your choices if you are planning an undergraduate application, explain ‘UCAS points’, consider university fees and perfect your personal statement. 

If your son or daughter achieved beyond expectation in their A Level results, we have a talented and committed team of professionals who can assist your child in reviewing their options and possibly look to upgrade their university choice. 

We can support young people who missed their university offers too. This can be a very difficult time and it is always important to make informed choices about university courses. Our team of consultants at Gabbitas Education can support your child through the clearing process and help them find the appropriate course. 

We are also Higher Education and Careers experts who can advise on Gap Years, a change of course direction or a subsequent re-application to UCAS. For postgraduates we can assist in deciding your direction, reviewing transcripts, theses subjects and statements of support.

What Our Clients Say

  • "It was obvious Catherine had so much experience and completely understood our requirements. In fact the whole team at Gabbitas Education did a great job!” - Jonna Scherb
  • "Your advice and organisation were flawless and I would like to thank you for the effort and enthusiasm you put into finding my daughter the perfect school." - Parent of American student
  • "I've been working with Gabbitas Education for more than four years now. I'm extremely happy with the services that they provide." - Vera Serebryakova, London

  • "I just wanted to thank you for all your help, support and knowledge as without you Alex would be facing a different future - so all my thanks with all my heart." - Neil Gillon, Monaco

  • "Thank you so much - what a transformation. I now have a boy who is like an exocet missile; totally focused and determined to succeed. He now wants to go to university which is a total turnaround." - Cathy Hutton, Hampshire

  • "Very informative. Gabbitas Education had certainly done their research; we went through all the options available to me." - Timothy Hodgkinson, Surrey

  • "Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the meeting we had, and for the practice interview for Patricia." - Gabriela Nistor, Romania
  • "Just to update you, Basil received a conditional offer from Eton yesterday and we're overjoyed with this development! Many thanks for your excellent advice, assistance and guidance during our preparations." - Ezekiel Tuma
  • "Thanks again for everything! I'm extremely happy to have entered UCL and it was all thanks to you so I'm very grateful." - Salimah BwL
  • "We would like to thank Gabbitas for the excellent work done in providing us with choices of schools for our daughter. We thank Gabbitas once again for your efforts." - Mr Murugan

  • "Just wanted to let you know I've been offered a job on the MOD's DESG graduate engineering scheme.Thank you again for opening the door to Kingston University 3 years ago and all of your careers advice!" - Timothy Hodgkinson
  • "Please thank Catherine again from us for her great effort in this matter. She was really helpful and effective in getting Amanda into the school she wanted. We are very happy." - Joseph O'Connor
  • “Thank you for a supportive and enlightening meeting, I do feel clearer and more confident now.” Ms Knutsson, Sweden
  • "Catherine's advice and perspective were invaluable, as having lived overseas so long we were completely out of touch with the English prep schools. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. All in all a terrific service." - Parent of overseas students

  • "Gabbitas really helped by having a clear discussion about strengths, interests and personality of the student and gives well informed, pragmatic advice and guidance. We are extremely happy with the outcome and would always recommend Gabbitas." - LS, parent.

Case Study: University Search for Christopher


Christopher was determined to study at a good British university. However, he had been educated in the American system and had little knowledge of how to apply, the degree area he should focus on and indeed which universities to approach ... Read how Gabbitas Education helped with Christopher's University Search.








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