Case Study: Karen and Dave

Case Study: Karen & Dave

Case Study ImageKaren and Dave have been a Gabbitas Education family for over 15 years and during their time with us have had students staying with them from a range of countries, some as emergency overnight or weekend accommodation and others on a regular basis for five years. We liaise with Karen and Dave at the beginning of each term in relation to dates that the students will be staying with them and the arrangements in place for getting to and from school; this is also confirmed by us with the schools and the students so that all parties are aware. Time spent with Karen and Dave includes sitting down for home cooked family meals and competitive games of Scrabble which help to improve levels of English. They are always willing to go the extra mile, arranging sports courses during the half term break when requested. House rules are laid down from the outset and pinned to the fridge door as a ‘gentle reminder’.

Students are encouraged to Skype parents and are given quiet time to relax and sleep in late, something they are generally not able to do while in school. They know that if they have any concerns or worries before their students arrive or when they are with them that they can call us at any time. They agree that being a guardian to an overseas student can be challenging but with the support of our staff it offers many rewards and opportunities, particularly in being able to provide guidance and share life experiences in the same way that the student’s own parents would do. With Karen and Dave’s care and support those that stay with them thrive; two of their long term students having received offers to read Economics at Trinity College, Cambridge and Medicine at North Eastern University in Boston.