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At Gabbitas Education, we have been successfully matching the right tutor with the right child for over 100 years. We offer hourly face-to-face and online tutoring support across the whole range of subjects, as well as residential tutors who accompany families on holiday anywhere in the world or provide extended tutoring support during holiday periods. We are a member of The Tutors' Association and ensure our business and our tutors fully comply with the Association's Codes of Practice.

We seek tutors who have a passion for education and a strong academic background, are often already qualified teachers or Oxbridge graduates, are security checked, demonstrate strong organisational skills and punctuality, are engaging and dynamic and so have the ability to inspire the talent with which they work. 

If you meet our eligibility requirements and can match our high standards then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please use the form opposite or check out our Tutoring jobs page to register your CV with us.


"...what they don't know about tutors and working with children would fit neatly on the end of a nib."
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Recommended as one of the Best Private Tutors by Independent School Parent. 

What Our Tutors Say

  • "I have found the Gabbitas team to be professional and reliable, ensuring that both client and tutor enjoy and ultimately benefit from their time working together."  Luke Scott MA MEng (Cantab) MTA AMIMechE

  • "Gabbitas sets itself aside from other agencies in that they hand select tutors for each job, as opposed to sending out generic adverts to all tutors en masse. This personal touch ensures there is always an excellent match between tutor and student giving the best experience for both parties." - Matthew

  • "The support from Gabbitas is outstanding. The process from the application, to the interview, to tutoring a young person was swift and professional." - Navedia Young

  • "Gabbitas Education provides a correct balance between professional support and the freedom to educate students required by a tutor; that is, the freedom to transmit knowledge in the subject area of A-Level philosophy and theology, and within this frame of reference, to develop the analytical and critical abilities of each student." - Dr. Mary Finbarr Coffey

  • "When one first walks into the offices of Gabbitas Education, one notices the rooms designated to the likes of Auden, Waugh, Wells and Fry. Upon enquiring I discovered that all of these people tutored for Gabbitas. I feel proud to be involved in the team today who continue to work to the high standards set by our past alumni." - Susan M. Sandover


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