Entrance Examinations

Entrance Examinations

What are entrance examinations?

Many good schools in the UK require potential students to pass an entrance test/exam and an interview in order to consider them for admission. The entrance exam may be a standard test set by ISEB (the Independent Schools Examination Board), called the Common Entrance Exam, or one set individually by the school. In both cases each school sets its own pass mark – the more selective a school is the higher the pass mark will be.

If your child already attends an independent junior school (a preparatory school), then the school should have given your child some coaching for the exam but they may still benefit from additional support. If your child attends a state school and is hoping to move to an independent or grammar school, then it would be sensible to prepare your child for what is ahead.

What is in the entrance examination?

If the exam is written by the school, it is likely to include:

  • verbal reasoning – the testing of problem solving skills using words and maths
  • non-verbal reasoning – the testing of problem solving using visualreasoning in identifying relationships, differences and similarities between diagrams and shapes
  • maths and/or English.

Sometimes part of the exam is referred to as a ‘reasoning’ test (verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and mathematical reasoning) or ‘quantitative reasoning’ (the testing of problem solving questions using mathematical skills).

If schools use the Common Entrance Exam, core subjects are maths, English and science. Students at 13+ may also be required to take a paper from a variety of other subjects – French, German, Spanish, geography, history, religious studies.

How can Gabbitas Education help?

At Gabbitas Education, established in 1873, our tutors have a proven track record of successfully preparing children for entry into leading grammar and independent schools. We provide an Entrance Examination Programme and tuition for all entry points including 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+.

What is the Entrance Examination Programme offered by Gabbitas Education?

Our highly qualified tutors will guide and support your child by preparing them for all elements including verbal and non-verbal reasoning and interview practice. Our unique programme includes:

• an online test to assess quantitative, verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills
• a mock interview and feedback
• a plan of tutoring action to address your child’s needs and achieve their potential.

Why should I choose Gabbitas Education?

Gabbitas Education has tutored everyone from young actors in the Harry Potter films to members of the Royal Family. All our tutors are highly qualified (often Oxbridge educated), experienced and checked. We are a member of The Tutor’s Association and fully comply with their codes of practice.

How can I contact Gabbitas Education?

To speak to a friendly and experienced Gabbitas Education consultant about how we can help, please complete the Contact Us form within this page or:

Phone:+44 (0) 20 7734 0161‬ and ask for Kirsty Reed

Please note that existing Gabbitas Education clients are exempt from paying the tutoring registration fee.