Future-proof your child


For most parents, the key to understanding how your child compares to their peers is through interrogating teachers at school, tactful conversations with fellow parents, and poring over school reports. There is another way to see exactly how they currently compare to other students of the same age.

The UK Independent Schools’ Entry Test (UKiset) was developed by the experts at Gabbitas to assist schools in recruiting overseas applicants. Launched in 2014, the platform looks specifically at underlying cognitive skills such as verbal, non-verbal and mathematical reasoning – much like the 11+ grammar school tests. Top independent schools were keen to adopt an assessment for international students that did not depend on learned knowledge or previous academic experience, that provided a level playing field for all applicants no matter where they come from. As a result, UKiset has been a huge success, with over 250 schools receiving applications from overseas applicants through the system.

UKiset was initially designed to enable families to apply to specific schools, but increasingly academic consultants and advisors are using UKiset to assess their clients’ academic prowess prior to discussing future school options. This is because the results profile provides a unique insight into the student’s abilities which helps them tailor their advice. Parents receive a copy of the profile and can see age-related scores in each skill set, comparing the candidate against British pupils and pupils studying at independent schools. Unsurprisingly, academic expectations are slightly higher in the independent sector and the UKiset Profile is a great indicator of how well a student might fair in an academically rigorous environment.

UKiset tests are purchased by the parents of candidates, unlike most assessments of this type that are supplied, administered and controlled by schools themselves. Often with these types of assessments parents are not privy to the valuable insight these tests can provide. Alastair Montgomery, Director of UKiset writes, “It’s hard for parents to really understand what future options are available, and there are few independent measures out there that are available to parents. We are delighted to work with the best advisors, tutoring companies and schools worldwide in delivering such credible and vaulable insight”.

Tests can be arranged at test centres across the globe including at UKiset headquarters in Central London. There are no set dates and each assessment is arranged on demand. Students can be registered between 9 and a half, and 18 years old.

For more information, head to www.ukiset.com or contact the experts at Gabbitas to discuss your child’s needs www.gabbitas.com.