Holiday Tuition

Holiday Tuition

What is holiday tuition?

The long holidays can make it difficult for your child to keep on top of school work and stay on track for the year ahead. So why not take a tutor on holiday with you? At Gabbitas Education we provide personalised holiday tuition programmes that can be incorporated within your family’s holiday itinerary. This means your child can learn at times that are the most convenient for everyone.

How does holiday tuition work?

Holiday tuition can provide a fantastic way of having the time to work through basic concepts for a topic without the time limit of normal hourly tuition. It gives the student the space to ask every question they want without the pressure of the classroom environment, and to go over it often enough for their confidence to build.

There are brilliant teaching resources available online now and it massively enriches the learning environment that might otherwise be a hotel room, cafe half way up a mountain, or a patio by the sea.

What can I expect from a holiday tuition programme?

Kirsty Reed, Senior Tutor Consultant at Gabbitas Education, comments, “Having a tutor come into a family’s life for a week or more can be helpful in many other ways too. They’re often well educated, ambitious young people who act as mentors for the students. For students who aren’t keen on school it can be a real boost to see someone who is openly a bit geeky and genuinely loves their range of subjects.”

We caught up with a Gabbitas Education tutor, Tadhgh Barwell O’Connor (a Cambridge graduate with much tutoring experience), to ask him about his holiday assignments: “While the academic goal is clear from the outset, so much learning can take place during the ‘down time’ with the tutor too. I really enjoy taking part in family activities if it’s appropriate for the time and place.”

Why should I choose Gabbitas Education?

Established in 1873, Gabbitas Education has tutored everyone from young actors in the Harry Potter films to members of the Royal Family. We only work with tutors who have a passion for education and a strong academic background (often already qualified teachers or Oxbridge graduates), are security checked, demonstrate strong organisational skills and punctuality, are engaging and dynamic and so have the ability to inspire the talent with which they work. We are a member of The Tutor’s Association and fully comply with their codes of practice.

How can I contact Gabbitas Education?

To speak to a Gabbitas Education consultant about our tutoring services, please use the Contact Us form found on this page or phone +44 (0) 20 7734 0161.

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