Residential Tuition

Residential Tuition

What is residential tuition?

Residential tuition is where a tutor supports a student for an intensive period of study during holidays or in term-time (after the student’s normal school day), anywhere in the world. This may be for as little as a week or as much as a year, or even a long weekend. The tutor would normally live in the family home or nearby.

Residential tuition makes it easier for a tutor to build a meaningful relationship and strong rapport with your child. It provides the time and space necessary to respond to their academic needs, rather than just performing triage on a certain area. It also allows for ideas and techniques to be taught in depth, and practised and revisited without the pressure of having to complete it within the limited time periods provided by hourly tutoring. With residential tutoring there are no long gaps between lessons, meaning each session can build seamlessly on the last and help accelerate progress.

How does residential tuition work?

As well as being highly qualified and experienced, it is essential to find a tutor who is personally and academically compatible with your child’s needs. At Gabbitas Education we will find the best match and ensure that all appropriate checks have been made on your behalf covering references, qualifications and importantly DBS checks. A study plan with clearly defined goals will then be agreed.

Residential tutoring is tailored to you and your family. Our tutors are very flexible and will work around any other activities that are part of your schedule.

Why should I choose Gabbitas Education?

Established in 1873, Gabbitas Education has tutored everyone from young actors in the Harry Potter films to members of the Royal Family. We only work with tutors who have a passion for education and a strong academic background (often already qualified teachers or Oxbridge graduates). All our tutors are security checked, demonstrate strong organisational skills and punctuality, are engaging and dynamic and so have the ability to inspire the talent with which they work.

We are a member of The Tutors’ Association and ensure our business and our tutors fully comply with the Association’s Codes of Practice. Our tutoring services have also been reviewed by The Good Schools Guide – please read their excellent review of our services here.

One of our residential tutors, Matthew (a Cambridge graduate), speaks about one of his residential assignments:

“On a recent residential placement I worked with a student currently studying in the international school system to prepare them for entrance exams to UK boarding schools. One of the key benefits of residential tuition in this case was the ability to have that intensive focus with multiple sessions in a day, over a short period. It was possible to cover the entire syllabus in a timeframe that would have been impossible with regular hourly tuition, whilst also having the opportunity to focus on specific areas of difficulty as a result of gaps in knowledge from the different curricula whilst remaining on schedule for the exam dates.

Being with the family meant I was able to keep them abreast of developments and difficulties as they emerged, so they had a good all round understanding of where their daughter was at, and what we were trying to do. I felt that being there and being able to provide this feedback helped reassure the whole family and calm any nerves.”

How can I contact Gabbitas Education?

To speak to a Gabbitas Education consultant about our tutoring services, please use the Contact Us form found on this page or phone +44 (0) 20 7734 0161.

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