Nursery Search

Nursery Search

How do I find the best nursery school for my child?

Competition for places at good nursery schools is tight; the growing number of international parents in London has created a high demand for nursery places meaning the more ‘prestigious’ nurseries are able to pick and choose their intake.

Gabbitas Education has been helping parents access the best nursery education for their children for over 140 years.

How can Gabbitas Education help with my search for a nursery school?

We take time to understand your needs before guiding you through the complex choices and entrance processes of the most suitable options available. We ensure you are in a strong position no matter the age of your child, and in many instances are ready with completed registration forms before your baby is even born.

Our knowledge, experience and connections are unrivalled and we continue to work with you as your children grow and develop.

How can I contact Gabbitas Education?

To speak to a Gabbitas Education consultant, please use the Contact Us form found on this page or phone +44 (0) 20 7734 0161.

What Our Clients Say

Case Study: The Scherb Family

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Michael and Jonna Scherb both run their own businesses, so when they decided to start a family they knew from the experiences of friends that securing places at top London schools wouldn’t be easy. They therefore interviewed three education consultancies and chose Gabbitas Education because of our experience, reputation and quality service.

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