University Search

University Search

How do I find the best university in the UK for me?

With over 150 British higher education institutions to choose from, it is essential that you obtain good advice on where to go and what course is best for you before applying. Things to consider include:

  • University ranking
  • Subject and research rankings
  • Location
  • Cost of living
  • Student satisfaction
  • Number of international students

Which is the best university ranking system?

The universities of Oxford and Cambridge (Oxbridge) have long been regarded as the top two best places to study in the UK and indeed the world. However, there are a number of ways in which the UK’s universities are ranked, with The Times and Sunday Times list regarded as one of the most trusted sources. The 2018 edition can be found here.

A more recent ratings system is the TEF (or the teaching excellence framework); a government-stamped rating system that aims to measure excellence in teaching based across six metrics and a 15-page submission from each university. For further information please follow this link.

What is the Russell Group of universities?

According to the Russell Group, the Group’s 24 members are world-class, research-intensive universities. They are unique institutions, each with their own history and ethos, but they share some distinguishing characteristics.

They are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience and unrivalled links with local and national business and the public sector. More information can be found here.

How can Gabbitas Education help me find the right university?

Entry to the UK’s leading universities and colleges is hugely competitive. At Gabbitas Education we are highly experienced in guiding students through the maze of choices and decisions and providing advice at all levels including UCAS, masters and doctoral degrees.

Our team of consultants can help narrow your choices if you are planning an undergraduate application, consider university fees, explain ‘UCAS points’, university application and Personal Statement.

What if my A Level results aren’t as expected?

If your A Level results were above expectation, we have a talented and committed team of professionals at Gabbitas Education who can assist you in reviewing your options and possibly look to upgrade your university choice through adjustment.

We can support young people who missed their university offers too. This can be a very difficult time and it is always important to make informed choices about university courses. Our team of consultants can support you through the clearing process and help you find the best course available.

Can Gabbitas Education help with my career choice too?

Our consultants are also trained experts who can give careers advice and also discuss gap years, a change of course direction or a subsequent re-application to UCAS. For postgraduates we can assist in deciding your direction, reviewing transcripts, thesis subjects and statements of support.

For information on our Careers Programmes, please click here.

How much does it cost to use the services of Gabbitas Education?

We are an independent education consultancy which means we are not tied to any particular school or organisation for commission and can therefore provide objective advice tailored to your needs. One of our experienced team members will arrange an initial consultancy appointment, charged at an hourly rate, in which we will take the time to understand your requirements and then put together an appropriate package with associated costs for your approval.

How can I contact Gabbitas Education?

To speak to a Gabbitas Education consultant, please use the Contact Us form found on this page or phone +44 (0) 20 7734 0161.

What Our Clients Say

Case Study: University Search for Christopher

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Christopher was determined to study at a good British university. However, he had been educated in the American system and had little knowledge of how to apply, the degree area he should focus on and indeed which universities to approach … Read how Gabbitas Education helped with Christopher’s University Search.