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Professional Development

Together with our associate company Optimus Education, Gabbitas Education is uniquely positioned to help your organisation deliver the best in education worldwide.

Optimus Education

Optimus Education is a leading provider of professional development and school improvement services. Since 1997 Optimus Education has been helping primary and secondary school leadership teams to manage staff development efficiently and effectively, stay compliant and drive whole-school improvement.

Optimus Education offers an extensive range of high quality educational support services across all key stages including curriculum development, school improvement, training, conferences and educational resources.

Supporting Student Wellbeing in Independent Schools

Thursday 26 April 2018 – London

Why is this conference relevant?

We saw a 59% increase in counselling sessions about anxiety in 2016/17 compared with 2014/15 (Not Alone Anymore: Childline Annual Review 2016-17).

With mental health problems on the rise and anxiety in young people at the highest level to date, it’s vital that you have the skills and knowledge you need to offer meaningful support to all students.

This event is your opportunity to network with leading experts and practitioners in the independent sector to take away proven strategies and resources to support mental health challenges and stay up to date on the latest risks to keep your students safe.

What can I expect?

The event will feature in-depth keynotes with leading experts and a choice of practical and interactive workshops specifically for independent schools including:

  • Anxiety: understand the root causes of anxiety and know how to offer meaningful support to students suffering high levels of anxiety
  • Resilience: know how to build resilience within your students and enable them to deal with challenges
  • Parents: gain methods to work with parents to manage the extra pressure they can put on their children
  • Social Media: hear the latest new and emerging trends in online safety and work with students to prevent cyberbullying
  • Stress: learn new ways to share with students to manage stress from parental and exam pressures

Who should attend?

This event is for all phases of education with a view that better relationships can be built between schools to improve the student journey throughout their school life. Delegates will include:

  •  Headmasters/Headmistresses
  •  Deputy Heads & Assistant Heads
  •  DSPCOs
  •  Inclusion Managers
  •  School Counsellors
  •  Educational Psychologists
  •  School Nurses
  •  Heads of House

How can I register?

Register for the conference at Optimus Education: Supporting Student Wellbeing. All bookings made through Gabbitas Education enjoy a £30 discount with the code GABBITAS30.