Summer & Easter Camps

Summer & Easter Holiday Camps

What are holiday camps?

Holiday camps are a fantastic way for children, teenagers and adults to take part in unique experiences, meet interesting new people and broaden their minds. Whether you are looking for an educational, adventurous or relaxing trip, there is something out there for you.

How do we choose the right holiday camp?

Each year the demand for these courses grows, and with increased demand comes increased supply. The number and variety of courses available are constantly multiplying, and with each offering their own trademarks and special features, the choice is now so vast that it is difficult for parents and students to know whether they have truly chosen the best course for them.

Gabbitas Education has been working with schools and families since 1873. We use our extensive knowledge to ensure students find the ideal course to meet their needs. We pride ourselves on our close relationships with the very best educational providers in the UK, but as an educational consultancy our main priority is to ensure the happiness and prosperity of our students. That is why our highly experienced consultants always put your child first.

How can Gabbitas Education help with holiday camps?

Our consultants will do the hard work for you. They discover exactly what it is you are looking for and offer you a choice of courses from amongst the thousands on the market which best suit your needs. From English language lessons to adventure holidays – and everything in between – we can find the perfect course for your child.

Why is it best to have a Guardian or Host Family for our child whilst they are on camp?

For international students whose Summer or Easter Camp includes accommodation, we can provide an approved Gabbitas Education Guardian family in case of emergencies. For those who wish to stay with a British family whilst attending their holiday camp, we can provide an approved Gabbitas Education Host Family.

Can Gabbitas Education help with a tutor as well?

We can also provide hourly and residential tutors for specific subjects to be studied in the holiday period. Please follow this link to find out more about our Tutor Services.

How can I contact Gabbitas Education?

To speak with a Gabbitas Education consultant, please use the Contact Us form found on this page or phone +44 (0) 20 7734 0161.

Case Study: International Students in the UK

Watch our video, in which staff and international students of UK schools talk about how they are looked after by Gabbitas Education.

What Our Clients Say

Case Study: Matvei

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Matvei, a seven year old from Russia, spent 3 weeks of his summer in the UK attending a London day camp. Read about Matvei’s experience at Summer School.