Summer 2018

Preparation – a unique, week-long 11+ preparation course from 23rd to 27th July.

Revision – Tim Wilbur highlights how sport can teach us a thing or two about revision.

Solution – Elizabeth’s family is one of many, that have found solutions at Gabbitas Education.

Spring 2018

1. Confidence – with any exam, be it an entrance exam and interview at age 11+ or GCSEs or IB or the new linear A Levels – better preparation leads to greater confidence and better results.

2. Choice – making a decision is easy when you’ve done your research, been assessed and taken objective advice.

3. Communication – admission forms, interviews, tests, UCAS forms, personal statements and CVs all offer the chance to shine if you know how.

4. Credibility – get ahead of the game and a step on the career ladder through networking, work experience and immersion.

5. Convenience – sometimes it’s easier for students to learn when they’re away from their normal routine or even when they’re just having fun.